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Question: I'm going to read you a pair of statements. After I read both statements, please tell me if the first or the second statement comes closer to your own opinion, even if neither is exactly right. The Democratic candidate says: the health care law is a start, but it's not perfect. We need to make it work for small businesses and get costs down. Give people more time and let them keep their current insurance if they want. So fix it, but build on the really good changes: this law prevents insurance companies from dropping people or raising rates when they get sick or denying people for preexisting conditions. They can no longer charge women more than men and must cover preventive care like cancer screenings. Repealing it with more political fighting will hurt a lot of people. The Republican candidate says: Obamacare is hurting more people than it's helping, and keeping Washington in control of your health care is making the problem worse. Despite the president's promise, millions of people have had their insurance policies cancelled. Millions more are being forced to buy coverage they don't want or need, or can't afford. Obamacare is raising costs, premiums, and the deficit, and cutting funding and benefits for Medicare. It's time to pass health care reform that lowers costs and allows the people - not the federal government or the insurance companies - to control their own health care.
Source: Democracy Corps/ Resurgent Republic/ NPR
Date: Mar. 2014
Universe: Country: United States
Method: telephone
Sample Size: 1790

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