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Question: I am going to read you some things Democrats who support the health care reform law say about how the law will help the country. After I read each one, please tell me if it makes you feel much more favorable toward the health care reform law, somewhat more favorable toward the health care reform law, neither favorable nor unfavorable, or less favorable toward the health care reform law. The Affordable Care Act makes good changes that we should keep. It cut what seniors spend on drugs, barred insurance companies from using pre-existing conditions, and helps young people stay on insurance. But there is a lot we need to fix. We need to make sure it is not a burden on small businesses, does not give insurance companies an excuse to raise rates, and we need to take even more steps to cut health care costs.
Source: Democracy Corps
Date: Jun. 21, 2013
Universe: Country: United States
Method: telephone
Sample Size: 1250

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