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HEALTH CARE, Reform, repeal of
Question: Last week, Republicans in Congress voted to repeal the health care reform law. Here is what some Republicans said about the reason they voted to repeal the law: The president's health care law has made a tough economy even worse by increasing the deficit, raising health care costs, increasing insurance premiums, and causing uncertainty for businesses and state governments. The only way to change this is by repealing ObamaCare. The president's health care law was supposed to lower health care costs and create jobs. Instead it has raised costs and made it harder for small businesses to hire new workers, making things worse. What Americans want is a common-sense approach to health care reform -- not a costly government takeover of our health system. Government should focus on cutting spending and the deficit, not spending billions taking over the insurance industry and making decisions that are better left to doctors and their patients. From what you know, do you support or oppose the Republicans who voted to repeal the health care law?
Source: Democracy Corps
Date: Jul. 31, 2012
Universe: Country: United States
Method: telephone
Sample Size: 700

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