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Question: The Democratic candidate says the Affordable Care Act provides tax credits to small businesses and to families earning up to 50,000 dollars to help make health insurance premiums affordable. Only those earning over $200,000 pay any more taxes. It asks the 1 percent who can afford health coverage but don't buy it to pay a penalty because, as free riders, they are irresponsibly passing on their costs to you. This is a reasonable approach that Mitt Romney championed in Massachusetts. The Republican candidate says ObamaCare increases taxes by $500 billion on the American people and requires everyone to buy health insurance or pay what the Supreme Court says is a brand new IRS-collected tax. That tax could ultimately cost middle-class families who cannot afford insurance more than $2,000 per year. The federal government has no business telling American citizens what they must buy with their own money, including health insurance.
Source: National Public Radio
Date: Jul. 19, 2012
Universe: Country: United States
Method: telephone: landline and cellular phone
Sample Size: 1000

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