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Question: The Democratic candidate says the Supreme Court has spoken and it’s now time for us to move forward. We should make improvements in the Affordable Care Act that reduce health care costs for people and small businesses, but our main focus should be on our economy – getting people back to work with better paying jobs. Let's not go back and refight the same old health care political battles. The Republican candidate says we should repeal ObamaCare because it is hurting our economy. The massive tax increases, new regulations, and uncertainty created by the law are making it much harder for both large and small businesses to create new jobs and hire new workers. ObamaCare is one of the main reasons our economy has not been able to pull out of the recession.
Source: National Public Radio
Date: Jul. 19, 2012
Universe: Country: United States
Method: telephone: landline and cellular phone
Sample Size: 1000

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