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Question: The Democratic candidate says the Affordable Care Act is good for America. Health care bills are skyrocketing, companies are dropping plans or forcing employees to pay big deductibles and insurance companies are refusing people with pre-existing conditions. We are finally getting things under control. People with insurance keep their policies and doctors, but will get tax credits to make health care more affordable for the middle class. Insurance companies can’t discriminate against you when you get sick. Small businesses will get tax credits if they want to provide health insurance and the uninsured will get access to lower cost plans and help with premiums. Medicare is protected and seniors pay less for prescription drugs. We finally started to make health care more affordable. The Republican candidate says ObamaCare is bad for America. Our number one problem is the cost of care, and this law will raise, not lower, our health care costs. It will increase our health insurance premiums, increase our taxes, increase the deficit, and hurt the quality of care. The law hurts seniors by cutting $500 billion from Medicare and takes away benefits offered under Medicare Advantage. Tens of thousands of small businesses that cannot afford to buy health insurance will be forced to pay a new IRS-collected tax of $3,000 per employee, which will cause many people to lose their jobs or be forced into part-time work. The law injects government bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. This law was a bad idea from the start, and it's still a bad idea.
Source: National Public Radio
Date: Jul. 19, 2012
Universe: Country: United States
Method: telephone: landline and cellular phone
Sample Size: 1000

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