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Question: I'm going to read you a pair of statements about the health care reform law. After I read them, please tell me whether the first statement or the second statement comes closer to your own view, even if neither is exactly right. Democrats say: The most important thing is to cut costs for middle and working class people. People and small businesses with their own plans keep their policies and doctors, but will get tax credits to make premiums more affordable, and insurance companies can no longer drop your insurance if you get sick or have a pre-existing condition. We should make improvements that reduce health care costs, but our main focus should be on the economy and jobs, not re-fighting the same old health care political battles. Or Republicans say: The health care reform law is killing jobs and the economy and will raise, not lower, our health care costs. This law cuts 500 billion dollars from Medicare, hurting millions of seniors, and it increases taxes on small businesses and the middle class who cannot afford health insurance by thousands of dollars a year. This law was a bad idea and still is a bad idea. The federal government has no business telling American citizens what to do with their own money, including health insurance. Which statement comes closer to your own view?
Source: Democracy Corps
Date: Aug. 6, 2012
Universe: Country: United States
Method: telephone
Sample Size: 1000

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